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William Sidles    willsidles@gmail.com
03-25-2020 11:49:29 AM MST
I guess it would be better if you had my eamil to respond. Again, I'm looking for a good Goldwing 1800 mechanic to work on my 2004 1800. (engine/electrical) problems. Thanks again, WS

William    Sidles
03-25-2020 11:44:25 AM MST
Does anyone know of a good Goldwing Mechanic in the Bilings area. I need help (work) on an engine/electrical problem with a 2004, 1800 Thanks, WS

Jennifer   jfinn2@billingsclinic.org
06-06-2014 3:13:10 PM MST
Thank you for allowing Dr. Stevens & I to interrupt your meeting last night! Many of you indicated that you had been touched by cancer in some form or another, please know that you are welcome at our Survivor Day Picnic next Thursday, 6/12. Bless you all and ride safe! Jennifer

Harry Sanders   hsanders96@yahoo.com
06-02-2014 12:18:58 PM MST
Brand new to GWRRA, from NJ heading to Wing Ding in Wisconsin then over to Big Sky for your 2014 District Convention. Looking forward to meeting your group and visiting such a beautiful area!

Dennis Smrdel   mooselane1801@gmail.com
03-29-2013 4:52:16 PM MST
Do to health reasons I must sell my 1995 SE, 25th anniversary edition. One owner, 28000 miles, lots of lights, chrome, pin striping, helmets, chaps, jackets. full and 1/2 cover. I am in Mesa,AZ now but call 406-799-4046 for more info. Asking $8500.00

Kent Morgan   khtkmorgan@msn.com
08-12-2011 7:28:37 PM MST
Is there an independent Honda Goldwing mechanic in Billings

Don Cook   ccsonny1973@aol.com
05-22-2011 2:45:35 PM MST
I bought a used 1990 Goldwing last summer new to goldwings would like to get involved with local chapter , learn more about the gold wing ,get tips and learn to ride better ; rookie goldwinger have rode smaller bikes all my life

Lori K
05-08-2011 2:10:55 PM MST
Happy Mothers Day to all the wonderful GWRRA mothers

04-22-2011 12:34:49 PM MST
Happy Easter Everyone, see you all at the Blessing of the Bikes

lori kunkel
03-13-2011 2:50:47 PM MST
Happy sunny beautiful Sunday. Have a good day

03-12-2011 9:11:54 PM MST
Hello everyone

Lori Kunkel
01-03-2011 6:54:53 PM MST
Happy New Years - New photos have been added Lori

lori kunkel
12-31-2010 6:23:41 PM MST
Haapy New Years Eve. Everyone be safe.Lori

Henry & Deby
12-22-2010 7:49:34 PM MST
Merry Christmas TO ALL OUR FRIENDS AND Family

Lori Kunkel
12-21-2010 9:00:42 PM MST
Merry Christmas to all - off to MN for the holidays. Lori

Susan   sburd1@hotmail.com
12-18-2010 10:01:09 PM MST
Hi everyone. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!

Lori Kunkel
12-11-2010 7:14:29 AM MST
Happy Saturday - Tonight is the Christmas party - see you at 6:30 Lori

Lori Kunkel
12-09-2010 6:38:37 PM MST
Happy Thursday - Hope you all had a good day

12-04-2010 6:58:21 PM MST
I feel a bit dizzy sometimes, Jay! If that smiley had a little less hair on top, it would be a good likeness to Russ!

Lori Kunkel
12-02-2010 7:00:51 PM MST
Happy Thursday - See you at the Chapter gathering. Drive safe - rain is coming. Lori

12-01-2010 1:12:57 PM MST
The new site is wonderful. Russ

Lori Kunkel
11-30-2010 9:28:05 PM MST
Happy Tuesday - What a wonderful day. Lori

Lori Kunkel
11-29-2010 7:31:42 PM MST
Happy Monday - Everyone have a good day. Lori

11-29-2010 9:09:35 AM MST
It's really looking good, you're doing a great job, Thanks

Dale   bmc81@bresnan.net
11-28-2010 11:27:24 PM MST
Hey Lori, that pics of the trike above is the wrong color.

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