MT-B ‘s 25th Anniversary 1993-2018

Welcome to the Gold Wing Road Riders Association” Billings Montana Chapter B Web page. GWRRA is an international Association (formed in 1977) and today has over 80,000 delegates in 53 countries. There are chapters in many countries throughout the world with the head office in Phoenix Arizona. GWRRA is a family oriented group and we promote our motto Friends for Fun, Safety and Knowledge.

Our Chapter MT-B is located in the sunny heart of beautiful Montana. This area of Montana is semi arid with plenty of sun which makes for great motorcycling. To the South of us we have the great Beartooth Pass which is the gate way to Yellowstone National Park. To the North we have Glacier National Park, and to the West the great Rocky Mountains.

The chapter was formed in 1993 and has enjoyed the company of the chapter delegates and many visitors over the years. We have been the locations for Four Wing Dings (1997, 2000, 2007 and 2016). We welcome anybody visiting our fine city to contact us or any of our chapter delegates to see what the area has to offer in the way of riding or events taking place or just to meet for coffee.

This year to celebrate our 25th year and honor those who brought this chapter to life, we are having our 1st Legacy ride from Billings to Huntly, Mt for our annual picnic at Huntly Park. Honorees being chauffeured are past officers and members that can no longer ride. We will be offering them rides by bike, trike or car. We would love to have everyone participate in this endeavor to honor those who made it possible for us to have such an incredible group in the Billings area.

Please browse through our web site and sign our guest book. The two most important functions for our chapter delegates in MT-B are riding our bikes and having fun with the group. We have had chapter delegates range in age from early teens to late eighties. This is a family oriented association.